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Where will the medicines of tomorrow come from?

Updated: Apr 1, 2019

It used to be that medicines were invented by a few "FIPCO's", or fully integrated pharmaceutical companies, but they need to focus on meeting growing demands of regulatory authorities and less able to expand their innovation pipelines. There is no shortage of new science, but not enough knowledgeable people, or the cash to pay them with, who can turn the science into an opportunity that someone is willing to invest in. The new ecosystem of thousands of small and ephemeral companies are flexible, much cheaper to run and create a pool of innovation in which to build a new future. However, inventing a new medicine is hard and takes experience. Being cheaper is not enough. Experts with the tacit knowledge of how to invent new medicines are expensive and hard to find and there is no 'tacit organisational knowledge' to fall back on.

We think we can solve these problems with software systems that create and maintain repositories of tacit knowledge, the 'how to' of new medicines. We aim to help small teams make good decisions, do the right experiment and make the right compounds so they are much more likely to succeed. We want to help investors capture institutional knowledge across their portfolio, lock in value to their business and increase the value of their pipeline. We want to help large companies find the promising new opportunities that will continue to feed their sales and regulatory machine.

We are nearly there.

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